Week 1: Getting Started

(January 9th-January 15th)

This week will help us get to know each other and become familiar with basic communication tools we will use all along this session. Please, follow the instructions to complete each task.

Exploring Web tools  

In this activity, you are going to become familiar with web tools we are going to be using along this session. To do that, go to the Tool column and:

1. click on each link to sign up 
2. have a peek on each one of them. If you already have signed up to these tools, you will be half-way through the tasks for this week. :)

Yahoo GroupDiscussion / Tool inquiries / Comments / Feedback
*SkypeIndividualized support
**BloggerPortal / Activities / Projects
VoicethreadAssess learning
WiziQGroup meetings
VoxopopShare expectations
TwitterSharing / inquiriesSharing / inquiries
GlogsterPoster presentation

* Skype: It requires downloading 
** Blog: We suggest Blogger to work on your projects during the session. You can use others like Wordpress and Posterous, though.

Creating a Glogster  

Creating a glog is an excellent way to introduce ourselves in online sessions like EVO. It has got some other educational applications as well. There's even a Gloster Edu you can use to create different activities for your class. OK, now to the fun part:

1. Go to Glogster and create your account.

2. Create a poster about yourself.

3. Add photos, images, text and videos that reflect who you are as a person and teacher. Do not add any sound yet. We will go back to this poster during week 2 and add an audio file. Follow this example: Miguel's glog, Evelyn's glog and Teadira's glog.
Here´s a tutorial on how to add images, text, videos and tweak your glogster wall:

4. Share your poster. To do that:
4.1.Write your name and paste the glog URL in YOUR GLOG Google Doc.
4.2. Comment on your peers' posters. Choose one or two posters and write comments in the YOUR GLOG Google doc.
4.3. Don´t forget to save. 

Adding yourself to the map

In online sessions like EVO, it is always important to know where participants are from. For the Podcasting for the ESL-EFL in the Classroom session, most moderators are from Venezuela (Miguel Mendoza, Evelyn izquierdo & Teadira Pérez) and one from the United States (José Rodríguez). What about you?

1. Go to the Podcasting for the ESL-EFL Classroom official blog home page.
2. Scroll down until you get to the Guest Map. 
3. Add your name to the map. Follow this tutorial.

Answering the survey

How much do you know about podcasting? Let us know by taking this survey.

1. Go to this Survey.
2. Answer each question.

We will be sharing results in our first Wiziq synchronous session.

Recording your expectations

We would like to know what your expect from this session. Let us know by recording your very own expectations in Voxopop.

1. Go to Voxopop.
2. Record your expectations. Follow the steps below. Click on the image to enlarge.

Searching and sharing Podcast sites

Most of us know one or two podcast directories or websites, even though we may have never recorded any audio file so far. If you don't any it is sure you will find some by doing a quick search in Google. Please, share the ones you know or found with us!

1. Go to the Google Form Podcast directories / websites.
2. Read the question and fill in the form. 

  • signed up and explored web tools 
  • made your poster presentation
  • read at least two poster presentations and commented about them
  • added yourself to the Guest map 
  • answered the survey 
  • recorded expectations 
  • searched and shared Podcast websites 
  • attended the First Live Session on WiZiQ

Date: Sat, January 14, 2012 
Time: 11:30 AM (Caracas time) 
Check your time zone here
Length: 1 hour

Note: You can write questions or comments about this week below.


  1. Hi, a wee question...roughly how long will the live session be? cheers

  2. I attended another WizIQ session on Sunday night for the Moodle workshop and it was awesome to hear people from around the world all with one common objective : to learn!!
    I beleive this group will be just as awesome.
    Thanks Miguel for setting this up.
    Anita from Paris

  3. My pleasure Anita...It will be a great opportunity to review week's tasks and clarify doubts.

  4. Anita,
    I'm happy to know your are enjoying EVO sessions. EVO rocks!

  5. You are all doing a wonderful job. Congrats! Keep on working so enthusiastically. :)

  6. Eveylyn and Miguel, Can you provide us with a general definition of podcasting and nondefinitions please. I don't see any readings on week 1.


    1. Well, I found the link that says readings but it doesn't connect me with anything.???

  7. Hi Sandra....There is no reading for this week...participants will start reading from Week 2 on...That's why you don't see any links for reading this week...During Week 2, you will be reading about podcasting (Check out our syllabus: Week 2: What's podcasting (http://podcastingevo2012.blogspot.com/p/week-2.html)...And as we stated at the beginning of this page this week will be to become familiar with tools and get to know each other a bit...

  8. Dear Sandra, we are still in Week 1 and, as Mike mentioned, there are no readings for Week 1 because we are getting familiar with the learning environment first. We will start with weekly readings next week. The Weekly Readings blog will be available on Sunday evening, as soon as we announce the starting of Week 2.

  9. Sorry I couldn't attend the first live session. I was actually had a class to attend all day Saturday. I'm catching up with the recorded parts. Thanks, Jenn C.

  10. Hey Jenn...Don't worry you can always listen to the recording....Duty first:)