Week 3: Planning podcasting projects

(January 23rd-29th)  

This week, we will learn more on Podcasting, edit audio files in Audacity, record Skype conversations with Mp3 Skype recorder, embed our podcasts into our blogs, and plan our podcast project.

Learning more about podcasting

1. Go to our weekly reading blog.
2. Read the articles recommended for Week 3
3. Participate in the forum and post your comments at the bottom of the page.

Editing tricks using Audacity

Watch the following tutorials, explore Audacity and play around a bit.These tutorials will help you when editing the conversation (or interview) you will record with Skype MP3 Recorder.  

1. Preparing Podcast for Publishing - exporting mp3 and adding id3 tags

2. Editing tools, effects and adding music to podcasts

Go back to these tutorials when editing your recording using MP3 SKype Recorder.

Exploring MP3 Skype Recorder

The Mp3 SKype Recorder is an automatic Skype call recording tool. You are going to learn how to record a conversation (or interview) using this software during this week.
Watch this tutorial:

Download the MP3 Skype Recorder here and install it on your computer/laptop.  

Interview recorded with Mp3 Skype Recorder  

By this time you should have already downloaded and installed Skype on your computer (Week 1-Activity 1).  
1. Contact a colleague from this session or a friend and make a Skype Call.  
2. Record a 3-minute-interview/conversation on any topic related to English language teaching or learning using MP3 Skype Recorder. You can also choose any other topic to talk about.
3. Edit the recording: 
a. Add an intro jingle at the beginning and at the end of your podcast. You can download       music from DixCCMixter or Free Music Archive.          
b. Give a name to your podcast.      Your podcast should have the following suggested outline:
4. Export the mp3 file and host it on Podbean.  
5. Go to the Links area in our Yahoo Group and click on the folder My Skype MP3 recorder podcast.   
6. Click on "Add a link"
a.  In Title type “”
b.  In Description, write your name
c.  In URL, paste your Podcast URL for the recording you made in Podomatic.

Embedding your podcasts to your blog  

This week you will add to your blog the following audio files/podcasts:  

1. The one you recorded in Audacity and uploaded to Podbean during Week 1. 

2. The one you recorded in Podomatic during Week 1 (Out My Window).  
3. The one you recorded using MP3 Skype Recorder during this week.  

To embed your podcast watch this tutorial:

Planning your project 

This week you are going to think a bit about the podcast project you would like to showcase during Week 5 in this session.
Before writing your draft, have a look at this video. It may serve as an inspiration for planning this project.

Now it is your turn to start brainstorming what you would like to do as a podcast project. To do that you will:
1. Fill in the chart in My Podcast project Draft with the following information:
a) your name; 
b) podcast idea; 
c) podcast length; 
d) individual/ group work; 
e) one-off/ series of podcast 
(Dudeney & Hockly, 2007)

2. Read some of your colleagues´ drafts and write comments about it.
This tutorial shows you how to add your chart to this document:

1. Done the weekly required readings 
2. Edited audio files using Audacity  
3. Explored other audio recorders like MP3 Skype Recorder  
4. Recorded a Skype interview/conversation with Mp3 Skype Recorder
5. Embedded your podcasts into your blog 6. Planned your podcast project
6. Attended the live session on WiZiQ

Date: Sat, January 28th, 2012 
Time: 11:30 AM (Caracas time) 
Check your time zone here
Length: 1 hour

Note: You can write questions or comments about this week below.


  1. Hi - thanks for the skype mp3 recorder - it's very user-friendly. Just in case some of the other course participants aren't aware - you can also record skype using audacity.

  2. I'll have to use audacity since the Skype recorder doesn't work for Macs.

  3. I guess MX Skype Recorder is also a very good option
    Hope you'll like it!